What I Read in April

The Power by Naomi Alderman completely blew me away. I could smell some of the settings. It’s probably a little played out to call this book “electric,” but that is the word that constantly came to mind. It just felt different than other books to me; I was dying to know what happened next but I kept taking little sips of it, like it was too good to stay with for too long. It’s definitely disturbing in some places – I flinched or groaned out loud often enough for my partner to ask what was going on with me a few times. I’ve read some fair criticism since finishing it, some of which I completely agree with, but the experience of reading it was still everything I could’ve asked for; it’s gotta be my favorite of the year so far. Will stay mad forever that I was out of town when my book club discussed this.

That’s it for the whole month! Which seems impossible because I feel like all I do is read? I’m in the middle of a lot of books, though, so next month’s post will hopefully be full of good stuff. 📚

A non-book April thing so good I wanted to tell you about it: this tahini granola recipe is the bomb. I made it twice this month and am fixing to make it again soon. Subbed raisins for the dried mulberries and it’s definitely the best granola I’ve ever eaten, let alone made.