Announcing: ellell & co.!

As some of you know, I’ve been teaming up with designer/developer extraordinaire Laura Eagin on all kinds of projects for some time now. We’ve co-written and co-taught Girl Develop It – Detroit workshops on WordPress and web development, and we’ve collaborated on several web development projects. This summer, we made things official and partnered up to form ellell & co., LLC.

Freelance life was good to me, but partnership is even better! Laura & I benefit from being able to bounce ideas off one another, and our strengths are wonderfully complementary. The quality of both of our work has improved since teaming up – and we’re able to take on more and bigger projects, too.

Right now ellell is really just L&L (see what we did there?), but the “& co.” part of our name represents one of our hopes for the future. If you’re a talented designer or developer, please get in touch with us – we may be able to work together soon!