Weekly Reads: web accessibility, committing too much, and more

Happy Thanksgiving Week to those of you in the US! It was a busy week but I did find a handful of interesting web-related reads. I’m looking forward to settling in and reading much more over the rest of the long weekend.

Adobe has a nice Intro to Coding and Designing for Accessibility. Related: Chrome extension Spectrum makes it easy to see how your sites look for users with various forms of color vision deficiency. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but am looking forward to playing with it soon.

Why I Git Commit Too Much is both reassuring for all the times I’ve felt like I made 2,000 commits in a day… and a good kick in the butt for the projects on which I’ve neglected to commit changes for waaayyy too long. (Funny how it never feels like I’m committing the right amount, only way too much or not enough.) I love the idea that commit messages should tell a story!

Melissa Jean Clark laid out how & why she uses Evernote to organize client projects, and it’s glorious. I use Evernote personally but Laura & I are still using Google Drive for most of our internal ellell documents. Drive leaves a lot to be desired, and Melissa’s post finally convinced us: we’re giving Evernote a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I love icon fonts, so this one was harsh but eye-opening: Seriously, Don’t Use Icon Fonts. Solid reasoning in here. Looks like I might have to change my ways…

Finally, some food for thought and inspiration re: how those of us with tech skills can use them to do things that actually matter: Bias for Action.

Weekly Reads

Most days I spend an inordinate amount of time reading what feels like the entire internet. I’m going to start writing about at least some of that internet weekly, here. Here we go:

Reflections on Gather North, Avery Swartz. I was one of the very lucky attendees of Gather North 2 weekends ago, and I’m going to write up some of my own reflections on it soon. In the meantime, if you’re curious about what I’d call the very best professional event of my life, one that is still filling me up with tremendous energy and inspiration, read on.

The 4 Pillars of Great Copywriting (e-book, free with mailing list registration), Helen Tremethick. Laura & I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Helen on one project so far, and we’re hoping for more in the future because she’s an extremely talented writer. She’s sharing some of her secrets in this new e-book; if you do any writing on the web, her tips will help!

Writing CSS on Growing Teams, Susan Robertson. Solid advice, which I’d like to start implementing on my own team of 2. 🙂

Honeycomb CSS Layout, Estelle Weyl. Ok, not much to read, but this is just cool.

Why Are So Many Black Transgender Women Getting Killed In Detroit? Dominic Holden. Devastating and crucial reporting. I hope it helps shed some light. It leaves me asking myself what I can do to make my city safer for all. The amazing Ruth Ellis Center does important work to serve this community, and they’re always accepting cash and material donations.

Candletime, AskMoxie. This seems like a lovely, cozy idea. (This link is broken, but here’s a snapshot from the Internet Archive.)

75 Black Women-Owned Brands to Support This Holiday Season & Beyond, In Her Shoes. ‘Tis the season.